Willmann Hydraulik GmbH

Willmann Hydraulik GmbH

Business Description:

Machinery Designing and Processing, Electric Shavers, Single-purpose machines

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Willmann Hydraulik GmbH




Company Head Office:

Willmann Hydraulik GmbH
Birkenstr. 6
Haslach im Kinzigtal
777 16

Pergolas roofing

Ondex PVC sheets for pergolas roofing are, thanks to their advantages (low weight, impact resistance, 5-year warranty), ideal for these applications. Customers have recently increasingly required polycarbonate trapezoidal sheets for pergolas roofing.


Wiring works up to 35 kV. We ensure wiring and follow-up inspections. Wiring, cables, and LV/HV service lines. We install LV/HV cabling. Inspections, installation, repairs and maintenance of wiring.

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